Coils Tongs


Cold and hot rolling, over 50 tons

Our experience in the sector guarantees the gripping of coils both in the field of cold rolling and hot rolling, with capacities up to over 50 tons. We produce horizontal axis coils clamps, basically of the electro-mechanical type, or vertical axis, exclusively mechanically operated; both are suitable for gripping and storing coils of all kinds, from black sheet to stainless steel.

Vertical Coils Tong VCT

  • suitable for coils and coils
  • max capacity 60 t
  • automatic mechanical tightening
  • ensures stacking on several levels



  • antiscuffing device

Horizontal Coils Tong HTC

  • suitable for coils 
  • max capacity 45 t
  • electro-mechanical
  • electro-hydraulic
  • electromechanical rotation



  • electronic weighing – anti-scuffing
  • signalling lamps
  • protection against wulcolan 
  • e.m. safety sensors

Coils Tong dor Tilting CCT

  • Suitable for tapes, coils, reels 
  • max capacity 40 t
  • external diameter max 2.200 mm
  • electro-mechanical
  • electro-hydraulic


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