Space-Astronomic Application

Research & Developments

Heppenstall Europe, is not only a reality linked to the steel world, thanks to the progress of its technologies and its knowledge in the world of mechanical handling, today finds itself engaged in very ambitious and cutting-edge projects in the aerospace sector. Yes, Heppenstall boasts the participation and implementation of projects such as:


Project “LBT”: Large Binocular Telescope (1996) Arizona USA

The largest telescope in the world made in Arizona, built and assembled thanks to the lifting equipment Heppenstall, able to lift the telescope lenses from the diameter of well 8,5 meters.


Ariane Project 6: Ariane Group space carrier, European Space Agency coordination (2020) launch base in French Guiana.

Rocket designed and created with the support of Heppenstall Europe, which was called upon to design an X-ray system and centesimal tolerances able to control the rocket engines, to avoid unforeseen in the propulsion phase.


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