Winch of Rope

Handling Technology

Winches of High Quality

  • Class M6 – A7
  • For heavy and intensive services 
  • (steelworks and port services)
  • Capacity from 10 t to 300 t
  • Gearboxes with parallel and orthogonal axes
  • Inverter controlled motors and double disc brake units

Special Winches

  • For individual lifting of process equipment
  • (cement works, mines, oil platforms)
  • Capacity from 10 t to 300 t
  • Useful travel up to 500 m
  • Cable reels with multiple loops
  • Automatic winding device

Winches with Multy-Output Ropes

  • For automatic systems
  • (shifters, automatic warehouses, bucket lifters)
  • Two synchronised drums 
  • Control of load-bearing cables


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