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Handling Technology

Materials storage and ground handling

We develop integrated systems for the storage of loads and systems for the ground and rail handling of specific products such as coils, slabs, reels, moulds, packagings and more. Our software optimizes all pre-production phases by regulating and defining the supply of materials for production lines and optimizing the available spaces.

We also have semi-automatic stacking systems up to 6 levels that can carry 45 tons, all radio-controlled and equipped with Wireless units, ensuring greater control and safety. Our strength lies in creating solutions tailored to the specific needs of companies to respond to every type of need related to the handling and lifting of materials and products within production systems, facilitating grip and optimizing processes. 

The ultimate goal is to create custom automated solutions as high-performance as possible for the customer, that allow it to accelerate the production process and to benefit both economically and in terms of safety for the company.


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