Automated Warehouses

Handling Technology

Heppenstall's automation, stands for efficiency and productivity.

We design and manufacture fully automated warehouses for the handling of any type of industrial product, accompanied by software Lario System, system that allows to keep updated and monitored the control of the warehouse, thanks to the possibility of Remote Control and the GPS protection system. Depending on the required capacity, the handling capacity and the type of object to be stored, whether it is a finished product, a semi-finished product or a raw material, Heppenstall technicians will propose the customized warehouse that best suits your needs.


  • General increase in service level.
  • Cost reduction thanks to the optimization of the occupied space, the automatic warehouses in fact develop in height, while the traditional ones require a greater surface occupation.
  • Reduce material handling and handling errors with fewer staff.
  • Complete, fast and punctual deliveries thanks to optimized logistic performance.
  • More safety at work.


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