Waste and recycling industry

A know how without equals

We offer expertise in designing storing and clamping systems for ferrous and non-ferrous scraps, helping waste collection centers, incineration and waste disposal plants, in order to make their daily tasks easier. Our products can also be employed in the handling of hot waste and in systems for waste cooling.


Why choose Heppenstall Europe

We are the ideal choice for companies that need to handle and manage scraps. Thanks to the level of specialization reached through years of work, we are able to provide our customers with the best solution, also offering a complete after-sale assistance.

Provided services

We design and create the best solution for every possible need, here are a few example of the products we have created for the waste recycling field: semi-automated bridge cranes with hydraulic buckets able to handle and transport all kinds of debris, cranes that can be used instead of moving grates and motorized conveyors. Our services include:


We put our proven competence and expertise at your service.
Our experienced and dedicated team will help you find the perfect solution for all your business needs.

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