Tongs and other equipment

Slab tongs

Gripping and handling material over 150 tons

These kind of tongs are designed to lift either one or several slabs simultaneously, with capacities of over 150 tons and are able to work with the most diverse temperatures, up to 900° degrees. They are equally employed in steel mills production lines and in warehouses when slabs need to be stacked. We manufacture mechanical, hydraulic and electro mechanical tongs as well as tongs to be installed on wheeled machines.

Why choose Heppenstall Europe

In many years of business we have engineered and built over 8.000 tongs and have therefore a deep knowledge of mill-duty lifting equipment. That’s why we are always able to find the perfect solution to suit our customers’ needs. To manufacture our tools we carefully select the best materials available on the market in order to supply tongs of the highest quality, with capacity over 150 tons but with a reduced incumbrance in order to work in every possible work environment.

In addition to that we use high-yelding steel alloys in order to guarantee efficiency, safety and quality in every possible environmental condition. Automatic systems of loading and unloading are installed on every tong, and only the latest technologies are used to improve the gripping of slabs.


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