Tongs and other equipment

Sheet lifters

Motorized devices fed by an electro-mechanical drive system

These tools are used to handle and lift sheet packs with weights up to 25 Tons, allowing them to be stored in packs and saving room in your warehouse. They are fundamental to let production lines run smoothly. We manufacture different kinds of sheet lifters: electromechanical ones with 2 or 4 gripping arms, for sheets up to 12 meters of length, electro-hydraulic ones and manually operated ones.

Why choose Heppenstall Europe

Our sheet lifters are robustly built and have a reduced encumbrance in order to meet our customers’ needs. The fork lifts are manufactured under our strict control and with an attentive process, which includes specific non-destructive tests.

The mechanical limit switches installed on our lifters are specifically designed to avoid any accidental material damage. Thanks to the experience gained through the years, we are able to supply equipment apt to handle and lift material weighting over 25 tons and of length of over 16 meters


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