Our history

Heppenstall Europe, the partner that makes the difference

Heppenstall Europe, with its consistent experience and competence has been designing and building handling and clamping equipment for the past 100 years , always providing its customers with quality and competence, distinguishing itself in its field for its unattainable levels of specialization.
We possess a unique know-how that stretches up to robotics and allows us not only to be able to face every kind of handling task, but also to find innovative and original solutions making the most of the different technologies available

Competence, experience and availability

The constant research the of most technically advanced materials for clamping and handling components, together with a readiness in intervening and solving every kind of problem that may arise, have made us the most trust-worthy partner available on the market for every process which involves the handling of material up to 250.000 kg as well as boat storage systems. Our customers know that they can count on Heppenstall for a careful designing phase as well as the use of the highest quality materials on the market.

All this, combined with the most recent technologies is able to guarantee excellent and durable results.


We put our proven competence and expertise at your service.
Our experienced and dedicated team will help you find the perfect solution for all your business needs.

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