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Hauling systems

Hauling systems are boat lifting devices which consists in a sling attached to a hook, whose suspensions and structure depend on the kind of boat they need to handle. There are 2 main types: with moving cart and hauling jib cranes.


This solution can be applied to small boats or rafts with a maximum length of 18 mt, a maximum width of 5 mt and a weight not over 20 tons. We recommend this solution in private and public piers and dockings, to boat producers and boat storing companies.

How it works

These systems allow the boat to be lifted directly from the water by using textile slings. Once the boat is securely put inside the textile slings, with the aid of the sling’s suspensions, the boat is then lifted up from the water and set directly on the boat cart or in the designed docking station.

Hauling systems

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