Tongs and other equipment

Coil tongs

Hot and cold rolling steel mills, over 50 tons

Our experience in this field guarantees the best efficiency in cold and hot rolling mills processes, for capacities over 50 tons. We engineer and build horizontal coil tongs, mainly with electro-mechanical drive systems, and vertical coil tongs exclusively with mechanical drive systems. Both are designed for the clamping and handling of every kind of coil, from the one in black plate to the one in inox.

Why choose Heppenstall Europe

Our strong point is the extreme care and attention our team puts in designing every single part of any equipment. We have an experience of more than 10.000 pieces of equipment sold and we supply only the best materials on the market. This allows to reduce the tools weight without affecting its capacity.

All our products are designed to be used in stressing and severe conditions. Our tongs are designed and adapted in function of the type of coil they will have to handle, always taking into consideration at least 6 safety factors, they are also provided with weighting systems and black boxes, able to register usage conditions. In addition to that we only employ high yelding steel for the most stressed sections in order to guarantee durability and resistance.


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