Tongs and other equipment

Billet tongs

Handling of billets up to 1.000°C

Billet tongs are designed to lift either one or several billets simultaneously, and are able to suit a wide range of billet lengths and temperatures. They can be either used in a production environment or when billets needs to be stacked. We offer both hydraulic and mechanical tongs.

Why choose Heppenstall Europe

With more than 50 years of business, we have developed a deep expertise that allows us to offer a technical service without equals, always able to find the perfect equipment to every condition, with the main target of boosting our customers’ productivity.

Our experience in working with steel mills has made it possible to manufacture innovative gripping units, able to avoid material damage. Our tongs can lift up to 5/6 billets per stroke and are provided with an automatic latching device that provides safe and reliable operation of the clamping mechanism. Our hydraulic tongs can handle up to 20 tons.


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